MIT : Research & CS Labs

                        Massachusetts Institute of Technology , founded in 1861 is the hub for cutting edge research and technological advancements.MIT is ranked as a top institute globally in terms of Technology and Science.Students at MIT are considered to be intellectual, smart, creative and highly motivated to achieve great goals in life.They are in constant race against time to solve most complex unsolved problems of the world, in order to serve the human kind with better lifestyle and better understanding of nature around us.Of course your can read :Wikipedia to get better understanding of MIT.

MIT has  a You tube channel MIT where they constantly updates the subscribers briefing about the new research being conducted.As a C.S.E undergrad from A.E.C, Guwahati I am indebted to the MIT Opencourseware Project : OCW which helped me gain insight into subjects and topics which are not available in my region.You can get a virtual tour of MIT here Youtube MIT.I would like to cheer you up about the contents we are going to scrutinize into in this blog.Lets have a sneak peak :



All set now, Here in this blog I would like to introduce you to various MIT:CS labs and the research currently being pursued in these labs.All total there are 55 CS labs catering to different topics and branch collaboration.


visit  the Labs and get their address here : LABS_MIT

MIT is famous for breathtaking ideas and holds a reigning legacy in terms of Research.It will not be possible to go list out all the research projects here, but I am going to list out the Top 10 research projects at MIT Labs.

1.See Through Walls with Wi-Fi! – paper


2. Robotic Cheetah |  – read




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